Brandon Fuller

 Public policy consultant Brandon Fuller

Public Policy

Brandon analyzes public policy for cities and special jurisdictions, particularly on immigration, economic development, land use, transportation, housing and refugees. In addition to advising Politas, he is the Deputy Director and Research Scholar at the Marron Institute of Urban Management at New York University. The Marron Institute focuses on actionable urban research, collaborating with municipalities and other jurisdictions to improve the health, safety, mobility, and inclusiveness of urban areas. At the moment, the Marron Institute has four major research programs in environmental health, city planning, criminal justice, and public sector performance and innovation. 

Brandon also chairs the Board of Directors for Refugee Cities, a non-profit dedicated to expanding the options of displaced people by promoting special-status settlements in which they can engage in meaningful, dignifying, and rewarding work. He is an adjunct scholar in the Niskanen Center's immigration department. Brandon is also an advisor to Utopia, an urban planning and design firm focused exclusively on slums, and an advisor to the World Economic Forum's Future of Urban Development and Services project. 

Prior to joining NYU, Brandon was Director of Charter Cities, a non-profit founded by World Bank Chief Economist Paul Romer and focused on the potential for new cities to advance reform in rapidly urbanizing countries. Before that, Fuller was part of Aplia, an education technology start-up founded in the San Francisco Bay Area. Aplia provides interactive online problem sets and experiments designed to increase student effort and engagement in brick-and-mortar college courses. Brandon started his career as an adjunct professor of economics at his alma mater, the University of Montana in Missoula.