Graeme Keay

 Tax and investment legislation and policy consultant Graeme Keay

Tax and Investment Legislation and Policy

Graeme assists governments, business organizations, and wider community representatives to develop and deliver legal and administrative reforms. He specializes in developing policy and legislative frameworks that support tax administration, incentives, investment strategy, investor entry and monitoring, extractive industries governance, and institutional strategy, organization, and governance. His focus is on improving the investment climate, reducing unnecessary regulatory burdens, and securing national revenues.

Greaeme is a lawyer (qualified in Scotland and Australia) and tax professional with 30 years' of broad-ranging legal experience in the private and public sectors. He has worked in many jurisdictions in Asia, Africa, the Pacific, and the Caribbean, where he has advised finance and trade ministries, investment agencies, and national revenue authorities. He has worked with multilateral and donor institutions in a range of environments. He regularly engages with senior politicians and civil servants to deliver meaningful policy and legislation.