who We Are

As a leading urban policy and SEZ consulting firm, Politas provides legal and policy solutions to help cities and special-status jurisdictions achieve inclusive economic growth.

We assist with the development and implementation of laws, policies, and administrative frameworks for special economic zones (SEZs), cities, and autonomous areas. We advise local and national governments and international institutions on how to use cities and special zones to address the world's most pressing problems. 

Founded by SEZ consultant and legal policy expert Michael Castle-Miller, Politas has quickly become one of the most dynamic, creative teams in the world at building the legal frameworks for new zone and city development projects.

Experienced Special Economic ZoneS Consultants

Our special economic zones consulting firm has worked with clients all over the world, including Central America, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East. We advise governments and international institutions on creative solutions to some of the world's most challenging political and socio-economic questions.

The Politas team is passionate about finding creative policy solutions for special economic zones and cities. We help our clients implement best practices and new innovations for their development projects, and we pride ourselves on blending traditional SEZ models with creative new ideas to get the most successful outcome possible. 

Our team of SEZ consultants would love to bring our expertise to your project. Contact us today to start the conversation.