Our Team

Michael Castle-Miller


Michael is a legal and policy consultant who has helped develop special economic zone (SEZ) programs for over eighteen countries... (more)

Grant Shubin

International Law

Grant is an expert in public international law, comparative law, and conflict resolution. He helps align special jurisdictions with treaties...(more)

Joachim Rücker

Politics and Diplomacy

Joachim Rücker is an economist, independent consultant and former Ambassador of Germany. Until 2017, he was also the Special Representative of the Federal Government for the Middle East Stability Partnership… (more)

Patrick Lamson-Hall

Urban Planning and Economic Development

Patrick is an urban planner and policy expert who advises clients around the world on a range of issues... (more)

Morial Shah

Special Economic Zones and Foreign Direct Investment

Morial is a legal academic, policy consultant, and legislative drafter advising on legal matters related to Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and… (more)

Graeme Keay

Tax and Investment Legislation and Policy

Graeme helps develop and deliver legal and administrative reforms that improve the investment climate, reduce barriers... (more)

Achilles Kallergis

Public Policy Analyst

Achilles is a policy analyst with expertise on urbanization, labor markets, housing and the provision of infrastructure services… (more)

Matthew D. Glasser

Urban Law and Policy

Matthew Glasser is an urban law and policy analyst who advises governments interested in supporting cities’ ability to finance urban infrastructure. (more)

Stephen D. Krasner

Advisor, International Political Economy and State Sovereignty

Stephen is the Graham H. Stuart Professor of International Relations at Stanford and a Senior Fellow at FSI and the Hoover Institution... (more)

Farshad Ghodoosi

Investment Arbitration

Dr. Ghodoosi is an assistant professor of business law and management in the Business Administration Department of the Earl G. Graves School of Business and Management School at Morgan State University… (more)

Tom W. Bell

Private Governance and Special Economic Zones

Tom is a global thought leader on the law of special jurisdictions, special economic zones, and private governance... (more)

Lotta Moberg

Advisor, Political Economy and Economics

Lotta is a specialist advisor to Politas and an expert on the political economy of special economic zones, macroeconomics... (more)

Stefan Kienberger

Consultant, Geo-Spatial Analysis

Stefan is an expert in geospatial analysis, giving our clients a sophisticated and data driven approach to understanding on-the-ground realities...(more)

Richard Scarth

Commercial Property and Real Estate

Richard provides Politas clients with 25 years of specialist experience at identifying and delivering strategic commercial, industrial... (more)

Mark Vallianatos

Advisor, Urban Planning Law and Policy

Mark is a policy analyst, public intellectual, academic, and frequent commentator on planning, housing, and related urban policy issues... (more)


organizational partners and affiliations

refugee cities logo_TRANSPARENT_final.png

Refugee Cities is a non-profit organization that promotes the use of special-status jurisdictions to integrate and expand opportunities for migrants. Politas helps make the refugee-city concept a reality by helping develop migrant-inclusive special development zones. Politas CEO, Michael Castle-Miller, founded Refugee Cities.


Politas leverages Spatial Services’ expertise at acquiring, analyzing, and modelling data to support our policy advice and implementation services. Spatial Services draws upon resources and scientific knowledge from the Department of Geoinformatics – Z_GIS at the University of Salzburg, Austria, to deliver cutting-edge capabilities in mapping economic opportunities and future development patterns, developing economic strategies, and engaging citizens.

ipa logo_web.png

IPA/Switxboard is an innovative company that creates global networks to connect communities facing major challenges – including migration, poverty, urbanization, and climate change—with leading ideas and technology from around the world. Politas works with IPA/Switxboard to help communities provide better governance through special economic zones and city-level reforms.


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