Introducing Our Policy Proposal for the housing Crisis


Housing Cities:

Two New Solutions for the Housing Crisis

The skyrocketing cost of housing in major US cities has reached crisis level. As too many cities now show, a shortage of adequate and affordable housing paralyzes local economies, damages our environment, and creates record levels of homelessness. 

City leaders and residents alike desperately need effective, politically feasible public policy solutions to solve this problem. 

With that need in mind, the Politas team has developed Housing Cities: Two New Solutions for the Housing Crisis

Written by Politas founder Michael Castle-Miller and urban planner Patrick Lamson-Hall, this paper explores two new housing policy ideas that could pave the way for real solutions. 

Housing Cities outlines two concepts: 

  1. a way to compensate neighborhood residents for development, and 

  2. how to use special development zones with delegated authority over planning

Among the many housing solutions offered right now, this proposal is unique: It offers ideas for a broad range of Americans and has the power to bypass typical political gridlock. The solutions enclosed are at once realistic to adopt and radical in their impact; and by drawing from free market concepts, we believe this policy could gather support from 70% or more of the population.

Fixing the current problems with development requires we find solutions that benefit existing residents instead of only burdening them. We also have to take a careful look at the political and economic incentives surrounding housing and adjust them so that everyday residents, developers, and political leaders can solve the underlying problems together.

This is exactly the kind of challenge we take on at Politas. Politas provides legal and public policy advice to help cities and special jurisdictions shape the future of governance. We help governments overcome political roadblocks so they can better innovate and implement new institutions that promote inclusive economic development.

We hope you find the solutions in this publication inspiring and thought-provoking. Our team would love to collaborate with you and together build a new and better future for the cities we love.

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