At Politas, we believe in the power of cities and special jurisdictions to pilot ideas that change the world. To that end, we offer a range of services, including policy analysis, legal framework development, and implementation strategies that empower societies to innovate and thrive.

We customize our work based on your project’s individual needs. So whether you need evaluation of a special economic zone (SEZ) law or a comprehensive legal framework and implementation strategy for a new autonomous city, we’ve done both and much more, and can provide the specialized skills needed to make your project a success.

Most of our services fall under three categories:

special economic zones legal consultants

Policy Advice

We offer evidence-based analysis that looks outside the box for innovative solutions alongside more traditional approaches. We start with your goals and recommend policies to achieve those goals. And while we have one of the top SEZ and urban policy teams in the world, we also offer competitive rates that make the most of your program’s investment.

Our special economic zone consulting firm's expertise covers:

● Economic Development
● Trade
● Urban Planning
● Land Use and Housing
● Transportation
● Labor
● Immigration
● Foreign Direct Investment
● Investor-State Dispute Resolution
● Tax
● Public-Private Partnerships
● Public-Service Delivery
● Municipal and Infrastructure Finance
● Environment

legal framework development SEZ consultant

Legal Framework development

Our team transforms policy ideas into laws and regulations for governments and organizations to consider and adopt.

Politas’ legal framework services include:

● Drafting legislation and regulations
● Analyzing existing laws
● Providing international best practices and model SEZ laws

In order to provide the most successful legislation possible, we work in close collaboration with government officials, lawmakers, and local counsel. We carefully shape our recommendations based on their input.

SEZ lawyer for your implementation strategy

implementation strategy

Developing good laws and policies doesn’t mean much without good follow through. We offer clients a comprehensive package of services for translating their plans into action. From cutting edge techniques for data gathering, analysis, and modeling, to workshops and training sessions - we help get projects moving.

Our implementation services include:

● Economic Impact Assessments
● Geo-spatial analysis and site selection
● Implementation roadmaps
● Economic strategy formation
● Training government officials
● Citizen engagement