Communications and Marketing

Position Description


Description of Firm:

Politas Consulting is a new international development social enterprise whose mission is to provide legal and policy assistance to help cities and special-status jurisdictions achieve inclusive social and economic growth. Cities and special jurisdictions are increasingly becoming the world’s driving innovators and incubators of good public policy. They increasingly rely upon non-state forms of governance and public service provision. We help them orient the future of governance toward prosperity and inclusion.

More specifically, Politas assists with the development and implementation of laws, policies, and administrative frameworks for special economic zones, free trade zones, cities, and semi-autonomous jurisdictions. It also advises on national or regional decentralization strategies and strategies for addressing national or international issues through urban areas and special zones. It currently has projects in Latin America, Northern Africa, and South Asia for clients in the United States and Europe. Our work crosses the boundary between theory and practice, integrating political philosophy with real-world problem solving for clients.

Politas also closely collaborates with Refugee Cities, a non-profit organization that uses special development zones to help integrate migrants in countries hosting refugees. Refugee Cities promotes the use of such zones, some of which Politas is helping implement.


The Communications and Marketing Associate will help translate dense legal/economic/policy jargon into compelling pieces that reach a broad audience. For instance, they will:

  • Draft op-eds and articles relevant to Politas’ work and submit them to publications
  • Help write and edit proposals and concept papers to potential clients and funders
  • Scoping potential projects and clients
  • Help design promotional materials and proposals (though graphic design still is not as important as writing ability)
  • Meeting regularly with the CEO and other staff members to discuss projects and courses of action.

Some work would be done on behalf of Refugee Cities, primarily to explore the possibility of developing proposals for new special development zones.

Term of Engagement and Compensation:

The Communications and Marketing Associate will begin as an independent contractor working at least 10 to 20 hours per week. They will be paid $30/hour initially.

The company is expected to grow strongly over the next year. As that happens, the position will ideally become full time depending on the fit and willingness of the person.



Candidates must have:

  • Compelling writing talent. English writing ability should be at least a native-level. Style must be natural, clear, and direct.
  • High ethical standards with the ability to maintain clients’ confidentiality. Background checks will be conducted.
  • Familiarity with international development, law, and/or economics, with the ability to translate concepts from these fields into commonplace language.

Additional Factors:

Candidates will be evaluated based on the following characteristics. No candidate is expected to have all of these characteristics.  Please reference the characteristics you have in your cover letter and describe how you have them.

  • Experience writing articles and op-eds in major publications
  • Education or experience in international law, economic development, and international aid
  • Strong interest in and experience with political philosophy
  • Strong knowledge of free trade zone / special economic zone law, policy, and economics
  • Strong knowledge of urban planning and urban development policy
  • Live in Los Angeles, CA and able to work from a physical office there
  • If not in LA, live in a time zone that is +/- 3 hours from U.S. Pacific Time
  • Fluency in Spanish, French, or German
  • Women and/or minorities that are underrepresented in U.S. legal or policy professions

Application Instructions:

Email to following to

  • Cover letter describing the characteristics you have from the above lists, and any other information you think is relevant
  • Resume or CV

Please reference “Communications” in the subject line.

Short-listed applicants will be asked for references. Writing sample, unofficial transcripts, and interviews may be requested from some applicants.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.