Local Stabilization and Management of Migration in Libya

Date: November 2017 – February 2018
Client: Private-Sector Donors, via IPA / Switxboard
Role: Legal and Policy Design Team

When a country has been torn apart by conflict, how does it rebuild? The standard approach is top-down: get the warring factions to make peace and agree upon a new constitution and central power structure.

But what if it could be done from the bottom-up as well? 

Working alongside Libyan mayors and European stakeholders, we produced an innovative strategy for rebuilding Libya through local governments and special zones. With the absence of a single national government, we saw a way for local governments to form “islands of stability.” Special-status zones and cities would develop strong governance institutions that foster economic opportunities, inclusion, and security for local communities and migrants. These areas offer migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa better livelihoods, create opportunities for them in Libya, and ease pressure off migration to Europe. Over time, these “islands of stability” would serve as models for the rest of the country: pillars of good governance upon which a unified national framework would be built.

We’re still seeking partners to help carry out the work we designed for Libya. Contact us if you want to join us on it!

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