Middle East

Strategic Policy Priorities for New Special Economic Zone & City 

Date: Sept. – Nov. 2018
Client: Confidential
Location: Confidential
Role: Legal and Policy Advisors

Building a world-class city calls for fresh thinking, and special economic zones or special-status cities provide a perfect outlet for new ideas. By introducing new legal and administrative institutions, these special zones can become vibrant, open communities that attract residents, businesses, and visitors from around the world. Bringing together diverse people fosters innovation and creativity – great ingredients for unleashing dynamic and prosperous societies.

One forward-thinking corporate client looked to us to help develop just such a place – a new, multicultural city drawing people and investment from around the world. Leveraging our broad-ranging policy and special-economic-zone expertise, we analyzed the existing legal context and developed a prioritized set of new public policies for the city. We worked closely with our clients to provide in-depth recommendations about new business regulatory procedures, companies’ law, courts and dispute resolution, immigration and work visa requirements, Islamic law, urban planning, foreign investment, public-private partnerships, criminal law, contracts, and torts. We also advised on a range of potential fiscal and non-fiscal incentives. 

Creating conditions that foster inclusive and prosperous urban centers is what Politas does best. We’re thrilled to help clients like these shape the future of governance.

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