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What We Do

Policy Solutions for a Divided World

Across the world, governments and economies are under strain from polarization and tribalism. Nations have found the social fabric that once tied them together has become fractured and eroded from infighting, radicalization, and rising populism. As a result, it can feel impossible to find common ground, especially when creating and affecting good public policy. Politas Consulting is a public policy consulting firm that addresses those divisions head-on. 

Politas Consulting works with dynamic and passionate leaders from the private and/or public sectors to form public policy that spans the divide. With our specialization in cities and urban policy, we address some of the most urgent concerns of our time:

  • migration

  • poverty

  • climate change

  • homelessness

  • prison reform

  • healthcare

  • urban development

  • foreign investment

  • and more

In addressing these politically fraught issues, we don’t turn a blind eye to the complex and partisan world around us. We tackle public policy with creativity and resolve, focused on ideas that will 1) find the necessary political backing, and 2) earn the public’s support.


How We’re Different

What Sets Our Public Policy Consulting Firm Apart

Solving today’s problems often requires a sense of urgency and innovation. The old ways simply aren’t working, and in many cases people are running out of time. As a boutique firm, Politas brings tremendous creativity and agility with intellectual rigor that sets us apart. 

Our public policy consulting firm has a unique approach: we design and structure incentives that allow governments and private companies to achieve good social outcomes. (As one example of how we align private sector incentives with the public good, we recommend you explore our recent housing policy proposal.)

We rely on market forces to create policies that unite vastly different points of view, and we pride ourselves on building coalitions of support from every side by creating policies that are both effective and politically feasible. 

Our team refuses to accept a status quo that has shown itself insufficient. Instead, we look at how to create a system that benefits everyone and prevents corruption or partisan distortion. We are committed to earning and ensuring public support while creating policy that addresses the most important issues of our day. 


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We help leaders worldwide to affect real change in the public sector. By working together to build common ground, we believe lasting results truly are possible. 

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