Experienced SEZ Consultant

An experienced SEZ consultant can make your zone project a success

Finding the Right Team for a Successful Special Economic Zone

To begin building a successful special economic zone, it is absolutely critical you work with an experienced SEZ consultant to help you plan the legal framework. Starting with the right team could make the difference between a thriving source of economic growth and a ghost town.

A tested and experienced SEZ consultant can help you figure out exactly what made projects similar to yours succeed in the past and help you avoid the many common and serious pitfalls.

Here at Politas Consulting, we do that and far more. We devise new and creative strategies to make your unique project work as efficiently and effectively as possible. We never settle for cookie-cutter solutions that pretend every project functions about the same. Instead, we dig deep. We explore cultural, geographical, and political realities and find new ways to make your project a success.

The Value OF Expertise

Expertise has little value unless we apply it well. Under the leadership of experienced SEZ consultant Michael Castle-Miller, we use our expertise to think outside the box by considering political incentives and market-driven principles that set us apart from other firms.

Castle-Miller has started SEZs in 18 countries ranging in wealth from Mexico to Rwanda. And he’s assembled a team with decades of experience in the field – people who know what makes a zone and economy work. Our team of experts in international law, public policy, political economy, and urban development stand apart for their decades of experience both academic and practical. In addition, we draw from a team of advisors who are some of the best-regarded in their fields.

We encourage you to look more at our team of SEZ consultants to get an idea of our experience. This collective, deep knowledge of the industry allows us to keep your unique goals in mind and make them a reality.

Contact an Experienced SEZ Consultant Today

If your team is working on a special economic zone or similar venture, we would love to discuss your project and how we could help make it a success. Politas proudly relies on the recommendations of our clients and the respect of our peers, and we would be thrilled to offer more information about our team and what we could bring to your zone.

Contact us today for more information on our work or to discuss your project at no charge. We look forward to talking with you.