What Distinguishes Our Special Economic Zones Consulting Firm

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There is so much at stake in choosing a special economic zones consulting firm. SEZs have the power to affect thousands – even millions – of people's lives and can make a significant impact on a country's economy. 

At the same time, many SEZs don’t make it. In my experience at our special economic zones consulting firm, I’ve heard wrenching, ever-frustrating stories of short-sighted policies and disorganized teams that sabotaged a project before it ever really began.

Your zone is simply too consequential for that. It costs too much money, requires too many people, and has too many resources invested to give it to the wrong firm. 

So whatever the size of your project, here are five factors we at Politas recommend people consider when deciding on a special economic zones consulting firm. We proudly believe this list distinguishes us from other companies in terms of quality and efficiency, and we look forward to talking more with you about what we could bring to your project.

1. Proven record of success

Does the team include multiple people with experience building successful SEZs? Can they point to specific examples and clarify how their involvement made a real impact? You want a team that can show their work. 

2. Highest reputation in the industry

At Politas, we’re never afraid to hear our potential clients have asked around about us. In fact, the vast majority of our clients found us through referrals from other satisfied clients. We've managed to assemble one of the most experienced, creative SEZ teams in the world – a team with a stellar reputation for expertise in a range of public policies, legislative drafting, and urban planning.

3. Diversity of expertise

Does the special economic zones consulting firm have multiple team members with overlapping but distinct expertise? I’ve found the more teams depend on each member's unique wisdom, the better product they offer. Our team loves to debate and discuss new ideas. We know diversity of experiences and opinions will bring much more creative solutions. 

4. Well-functioning team

Your SEZ consultants will likely work closely with the rest of your team. You want a firm filled with dedicated, personable experts who put ego aside to get the most successful outcome possible. Look for a team that shows off each other’s successes and amplifies each other’s ideas. They’ll do the same for you and be a joy to work with.

5. Responsive, personalized communication

There’s nothing more frustrating than working with consultants who disappear for days on end or refuse to check their messages. We take extra care to communicate in whichever manner our clients prefer. Whether your team is obsessed with Slack, addicted to WhatsApp, or only available via Skype for two minutes a day, we’ll do everything in our power to make it work. 

Finding the Right Special Economic Zones Consulting Firm

Our team at Politas is wholly committed to offering you what I’ve outlined above. 

If you’re looking for a special economic zones consulting firm, we’d love to help make it a success. Contact us today to get started.