Politas Discusses Refugee Cities and Special Economic Zones in Barcelona

by Michael Castle Miller

I had a wonderful time speaking at the Smart City Expo World Congress this past November. Thousands of people from cities all over the world gathered together in Barcelona to discuss the future of urban planning, tech, environmental policy, and much more – really, everything a city needs in order to thrive in the 21st century.

Public policy consultant Michael Castle Miller with wife Joanna Castle Miller

I was invited to speak on Refugee Cities, a project that utilizes the power of special economic zones to expand the options of displaced people. Through Refugee Cities, migrants can engage in meaningful, dignifying, and rewarding work, thereby providing for their families and contributing to the economic and social development of their hosts and homelands. At Politas we specialize in projects like this. We harness the power of special status jurisdictions, like special economic zones, to make these settlements politically feasible and economically viable.

It was an honor to present this concept to such a diverse and exciting group. Even better, I was able to spend some extended time in Spain with my wife, who has close connections with the country and offered to show me around. The photo above shows the two of us in Barcelona, on the rooftop of the cathedral in the Gothic Quarter.

The expo just released a brief video about the event, which you can see below. 

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